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Latest news:

A new series! Now there’s a brand new series of traditional Regency romances for you to enjoy. Those of you who have read the previous two series will know that mysteries abound in each book, and throughout the series, but the Sisters of Woodside Mysteries will go a step further, with a murder mystery in each book. But don’t worry, the romance will still be centre stage. The five sisters of Woodside are Rosamund, Annabelle, Lucy, Margaret and Fanny, whose father dies leaving them penniless. They will have to find genteel employment to support themselves. The first three books in the series, about Annabelle, Lucy and Margaret, are now out. Click the Buy! button above to buy or borrow. Wait, what happened to Rosamund? You can find out by signing up to my mailing list – Rosamund’s story, The Betrothed, is my summer free gift to my subscribers.

New in paperback and audiobook: For those of you who prefer your Regency romance in a different format, the whole of the Sons of the Marquess series will soon be available in both paperback and audiobook. The Daughters of Allamont Hall books are already available in paperback for your enjoyment, and the first three books and the box set will soon be available in audiobook. Don’t forget that the audiobooks will be whispersynced, so you can move seamlessly from ebook to audiobook, and if you buy the paperback, you can download the ebook absolutely FREE!

Sons of the Marquess is now complete! Yes, all five books in the series, Lord Reginald, Lord Humphrey, Lord Augustus, Lord Montague and Lord Gilbert, are now out. There’s also a FREE prequel novella, The Earl of Deveron, available to all my mailing list subscribers. Click the Sign up! button above to be sure of getting your copy, and hearing about every new release.

The Daughters of Allamont Hall is now complete! All six books in the series have been released for you to enjoy, as ebooks or paperbacks, and the first few are available in audiobook.  You can also buy the first three books, Amy, Belle and Connie, as a box set (700 pages of Regency goodness in one package!). Click the Buy! button above to buy or borrow. Book 4.5, Mary, is a FREE novella, available exclusively to my mailing list subscribers. Sign up to download your copy. This book is not available to buy.

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