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A new series! Starting in June 2019, you can enjoy a brand new series of traditional Regency romances in the Silver Linings Mysteries series. The sinking of a ship brings tragedy, but also unexpected benefits for some. In May, a prequel novella, The Clerk, will be a FREE GIFT for all my mailing list subscribers, so be sure to sign up to get your free copy.

New in audiobook: For those of you who prefer your Regency romance in a different format, Lord Reginald, Lord Humphrey and Lord Augustus are now available in audiobook. Lord Montague and Lord Gilbert available soon.

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3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Elaine Graf

    I have been enjoying your Woodside books. I was disappointed that the final one won’t be out until March. In one of your books, you provided the opportunity for readers to correct you on appropriate time. Information. My concern is a grammatical construction that you have used many times. It seems to me that in a sentence like the one that follows, you should have written either just the word “nor”, or you should have written “but neither”.

    She could not imagine what Mel had said to drive him away with his object not attained, but nor could she imagine what the viscount had to say to her.

    The use of both “but” and “nor has” two conjunctions in a row. Was this proper during the Regency era?

    • Mary Kingswood

      Thank you! I think you are right, although I’ve been doing it wrong for so many years now that I’m not sure I can change now!

  2. Elaine Graf

    I apologize for my own mistakes above! I did not edit it correctly. I do appreciate you writing books that are drawing room rather than bedroom!

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