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May 19, 2016 General 6

Hi! I’m Mary Kingswood, author of The Daughters of Allamont Hall, a series of Regency romances about the six unmarried daughters of Mr William and Lady Sara Allamont. When their father, a man of strict regularity, dies unexpectedly, he leaves surprisingly large dowries for his daughters, but only on condition that they marry in the proper order, the eldest first, then the second eldest and so on.

These are traditional Regency romances, drawing room rather than bedroom.


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  1. lynda dockray

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Daughters of Allamont Hall and should like to read Mary book 4.5 .Would you please tell me
    how to do this.Many thanks Lynda

    • Mary Kingswood

      Sorry – only just spotted your comment. I’ll reply by direct email to you.

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