Coming soon – Dulcie: The Daughters of Allamont Hall Book 4

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Dulcie will be released on 18th November 2016, at the special price of just 99c for a few days only. Sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss out on this offer.

dulcie360Dulcie’s sharp tongue has got her into trouble many times, and set her at odds even with her own sisters, but when she falls out with a neighbour, he challenges her to swap places with his ailing sister — she will go to Allamont Hall to recover in luxury, while Dulcie must manage the chores of a small cottage. As she learns to milk the goat and cook meat without burning it, she also learns a great deal about humility and honesty — and about love.

Alex Drummond is struggling to maintain the appearance of a gentleman on the small income of a village schoolmaster. Cheerful and outgoing in company, yet fighting black moods at home, an outbreak of temper makes him cross swords with the infuriating and spoilt Dulcie Allamont. His scorn turns first to respect and then to admiration. But Dulcie is a rich woman, and quite out of his reach…


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