Review: Duel of Hearts by Diane Farr

Posted December 12, 2019 by Mary Kingswood in Review / 0 Comments

This is an oddball one, completely wacky and wild, but very, very funny. Lilah Chadwick and Lord Drakesley (Drake) meet in inauspicious circumstances – at a country coaching inn, squabbling over the only available carriage for hire. Both are determined to have it and not prepared to yield, so when they discover that they are bound for the same place, they do the only sensible thing and share the carriage.

They soon find that they have even more in common, for Lilah’s father is planning to marry Drake’s cousin, a wedding that they will both do anything to stop. Naturally, they set aside their differences and join forces to separate the two, so that Lilah can have her beloved father all to herself again, and Drake can marry his childhood sweetheart.

And so the stage is set for these two to fight and squabble and battle their way to the realisation that what they thought they wanted and what they actually want may be two very different things. Now, none of this should work at all. Lilah and Drake have to be utterly oblivious and (quite frankly) stupid not to see what is right under their noses, which everyone else can see perfectly well. Much of what happens is so over-the-top that it ought to be unbelievable and ridiculous. And yet, somehow, the author pulls it off magnificently. I rolled my eyes and wanted to bang their heads together several times per chapter, but I still loved this book. Realistic it isn’t, but it’s very, very funny. Five stars.


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