Modern Regencies

These are all the Regency and a few early Victorian books I’ve read which post-date Georgette Heyer, from 1980 onwards. Some of them are from my sweep of birthday Regencies (a comparison of older, more recent and current bestselling Regencies). I’ve rated them according to how much I enjoyed them, which is very subjective, but I’ve never discovered an objective measure for books. Sometimes a book will just appeal to me (or not) depending on my mood. Bear in mind also that I’m a stickler for historical accuracy. Not everyone knows or even cares about the correct form of address for a duke, but I do, and I’ll enjoy a book less if the author gets that wrong, or trips over one of the myriad other nuances of Regency life.

I don’t mind a little sex in my Regencies, as long as it’s in keeping with the plot and the mores of the times, but for those who don’t want graphic sex, I’ve marked ‘Trad’ against books that (as far as I know) conform to the traditions of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and stay out of the bedroom.

Louise Allen: The Youngest Dowager: 2018 4*

Beth Andrews: Stolen Waters: 2014 3*

Elizabeth Bailey: In Honour Bound: 2016 4* [Trad]

Kathleen Baldwin: Mistaken Kiss: 2014 4* [Trad]

Mary Balogh:

Linda Banche: An Inheritance for the Birds: 2012 4*

Bridget Barton: A Governess For The Brooding Duke: 2018 2* [Trad]

Alissa Baxter:

Elizabeth Bramwell: The Dashing Widow: 2016 4*

Sally Britton:

May Burnett: Violet: 2016 (early Victorian) 4*

Susan Carroll: Brighton Road: 1988 5* [Trad]

Loretta Chase: Lord of Scoundrels: 1995 4*

Regina Darcy: The Earl and the Girl from the Abbey: 2016 3*

Jayne Davis: The Mrs MacKinnons: 2018 5*

Anna Dean:

Julianne Donaldson: Edenbrooke: 2012 4*

Carola Dunn: Two Corinthians: 2010 4*

Diane Farr:

Candice Hern: Miss Lacey’s Last Fling: 2001 5*

Fanny Finch: Love Letters to a Lady: 2018 3* [Trad]

Odelia Floris: In Want of a Wife: 2016 5*

Brenda Hiatt: Gabriella: 2012 3*

Hanna Hamilton: Annabelle Enchants the Rejected Earl: 2017 DNF

Joyce Harmon:

Samantha Holt: You’re The Rogue That I Want: 2016 3*

Carla Kelly: Reforming Lord Ragsdale: 1995 4* [Trad]

Heather King: Carpet of Snowdrops: 2016 5*

Catherine Kullmann:Perception And Illusion: 2017 4*

Jan Jones:

Julie Klassen: The Silent Governess: 2010 3* [Trad]

Perpetua Langley:Chemsworth Hall Book 1: Violet: 2017 5* [Trad]

Edith Layton:The Mysterious Heir: 1984 4* [Trad]

Laura Matthews:The Nomad Harp: 1980 4* [Trad]

Suzanna Medeiros: Loving The Marquess: 2013 4*

Eleanor Meyers: Gaining the Gentleman: 2016

Courtney Milan: The Governess Affair: 2012 4*

Barbara Monajem: To Kiss A Rake: 2015 3*

Holly Newman: A Grand Gesture: 2014 4* [Trad]

Mary Jo Putney:The Rake: 1989 4*

Regina Scott: The Unflappable Miss Fairchild: 1998 4*

Joan Smith:Cousin Cecilia: 1990 4* [Trad]

Sheri Cobb South: The Weaver Takes A Wife: 1999 3*

Susan Speers:

G G Vandagriff: Lord John’s Dilemma: 2015 4* [Trad]

Bree Verity: The Ruined Lady: 2017 Unrated

Bree Wolf: Forgotten and Remembered: 2015 Unrated