Family trees

The Captain and the Country Cousin:


  • The Saxby Family (All books)
  • The Gage family (Stranger at the Dower House, Stranger at the Grove)
  • The Middlehope family (Stranger at the Dower House)
  • The Winslade family (Stranger at the Villa, Stranger at the Manor)
  • The Hollingsworth/Mayston families (Stranger at the Cottage)
  • The Exton/Kingsley/Audley families (Stranger at the Cottage)
  • The Saxby family enlarged (Stranger at the Hall)
  • The Truman/Butterfield families (Stranger at the Hall)

Silver Linings Mysteries:

Sisters of Woodside Mysteries:

Sons of the Marquess:

The Daughters of Allamont Hall: