The Daughters of Allamont Hall is a series of six traditional Regency romances – drawing room, rather than bedroom. Each will be priced at $3.99, or equivalent, or for those who have a subscription to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow for free. Books 1-3 also available as a box set at just $4.99 or equivalent.

  • Book 1: Amy: out now! Just 99c.
  • Book 2: Belle: out now!
  • Book 3: Connie: out now!
  • Book 4: Dulcie: out now!
  • Book 4.5: Mary: FREE novella, available now exclusively to mailing list subscribers. Sign up to download your copy. Not available to buy.
  • Book 5: Grace: out now!
  • Book 6: Hope: out now!

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Amy Belle dulcie360 grace360 hope360
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