Other modern Regencies

Modern Regencies that weren’t for me (rated 3* or lower) but others might enjoy them:

NOTE: Authors labelled with a * also feature on my recommended lists, but these particular books didn’t work for me.

*Meredith Allady: Friendship and Folly: 2004 3*

Julie Tetel Andresen: Lord Blackwell’s Rude Awakening: 2018 3*

Beth Andrews: Stolen Waters: 2014 3*

Bridget Barton: A Governess For The Brooding Duke: 2018 2* [Trad]

Alicia Cameron: Beth And The Mistaken Identity: 2019 3* [Trad]

Regina Darcy: The Earl and the Girl from the Abbey: 2016 3*

Fanny Finch: Love Letters to a Lady: 2018 3* [Trad]

Leah Garriott: Promised: 2020 3* [Trad]

Brenda Hiatt: Gabriella: 2012 3*

Samantha Holt: You’re The Rogue That I Want: 2016 3*

Heather King:The Missing Duke: 2017 3*

Lisa Kleypas: Someone To Watch Over Me: 1998 3*

Julie Klassen: The Silent Governess: 2010 3* [Trad]

Carolyn Miller:

Barbara Monajem: To Kiss A Rake: 2015 3*

Rose Pearson: The Waiting Bride: 2019 3* [Trad]

Margaret Evans Porter: The Proposal: 2015 3*

Regina Puckett: I Close My Eyes: 2017 3*

*Sheri Cobb South:The Weaver Takes A Wife: 1999 3*

*Susan Speers: