Traditional Regencies (recommended)

Modern Regencies that I enjoyed (rated 4* or 5*) which are traditional in style – either no sex or all behind closed doors, with nothing steamier than a kiss described:

Meredith Allady: Letters from Bath: 2012 5* [Not really a romance]

Elizabeth Bailey: In Honour Bound: 2016 4* [Trad]

Kathleen Baldwin: Mistaken Kiss: 2014 4* [Trad]

Joanna Barker: The Truth About Miss Ashbourne: 2018 4* [Trad]

Alissa Baxter:

Florrie Boleyn: Guinea-Gold Hair: 2011 5* [Trad]

Sally Britton: Mr Gardiner and the Governess: 2020 5* [Trad]

Susan Carroll: Brighton Road: 1988 5* [Trad]

Jayne Davis:

Anna Dean:

E A Dineley: The Death of Lyndon Wilder: 2012 4* [Trad]

Charlotte Louise Dolan:

Christina Dudley: The Naturalist: 2013 5* [Trad]

Carola Dunn:

Gail Eastwood: Lord of Misrule: 2018 4* [Trad]

Diane Farr:

Jenny Goutet:

Jenny Hambly:

Melinda Hammond:

Audrey Harrison: The Lonely Lord: 2019 4* [Trad]

Joyce Harmon:

Candice Hern:

Emma Jensen: His Grace Endures: 1998 4* [Trad]

Carla Kelly: Reforming Lord Ragsdale: 1995 4* [Trad]

Martha Keyes:

Leslie Knowles: Scandalizing the Duke: 2021 4* [Trad]

Jan Jones:

Perpetua Langley:

Stephanie Laurens: Lady Osbaldestone’s Christmas Goose: 2017 4* [Trad]

Edith Layton:The Mysterious Heir: 1984 4* [Trad]

Dorothy Mack:

Laura Matthews:The Nomad Harp: 1980 4* [Trad]

Holly Newman: A Grand Gesture: 2014 4* [Trad]

Stella Riley:

Anniina Sjöblom: Thaw: 2020 5* [Trad]

Joan Smith:

Mira Stables:

Catherine Tinley: Rags To Riches Wife: 2020 5* [Trad]

G G Vandagriff: Lord John’s Dilemma: 2015 4* [Trad]

Sarah J Waldock: None So Blind: 2014 4* [Trad]