About the books

READING ORDER: if you like to read in chronological order, so that you can best enjoy the progression of characters who reappear in later books, it’s best to follow the order in which they were written. So start at the bottom of this list, with The Daughters of Allamont Hall and work up the list to the most recent series. For a printable list, click here.

NEW FOR 2024/25: A 6-book series, The Chaplain’s Legacy, centres on the Earl of Rennington and his family. When the Earl of Rennington’s chaplain is brutally murdered, a terrible secret is revealed, and no one in the earl’s family will remain unscathed. The series follows the family members as they come to terms with this change in their fortunes. Find out more.

The 6-book The Mercer’s House series follows the fortunes of the Fletcher family, grown vastly wealthy in the north of England and now seeking to move up in the world by becoming landed gentry. Their goal is to marry the beauty of the family into the nobility, but they find it isn’t quite as simple as they’d hoped to leave behind their roots in trade. Find out more.

The Strangers 6-book series is set in a small Shropshire village. In every book, a stranger arrives in the village, bringing their own secrets with them or uncovering the secrets of the villagers. Every book features a lovely romance with a happy ever after ending, but there are some mysteries that won’t be revealed until the final book of the series. Find out more.

Silver Linings Mysteries starts with the sinking of a ship off the Cornish coast, with the loss of many lives. From that tragedy, many people find themselves unexpectedly better off… a wife is free from her violent husband… three sisters inherit a country cottage… a long-forgotten suitor returns, now a rich man… two children are left to the care of a reclusive man… a wilful heiress is determined to choose a notorious rake as her guardian… and the heir to the dukedom is reluctant to step into his dead brother’s shoes and accept his arranged marriage. A 6-book series. Find out more.

Sisters of Woodside Mysteries is a series of Regency romances featuring the Winterton family of Woodside. When he dies, his unmarried daughters find themselves penniless and homeless. What can they do? Unless they wish to live on charity, they will have to find genteel employment for themselves. A 5 book series. Find out more

Sons of the Marquess features the five unmarried brothers of the ninth Marquess of Carrbridge. With the family’s fortunes in disarray, the expensive lifestyle has to go, and each brother has to find a career or make a marriage of convenience to a wealthy heiress. A 5 book series. Find out more

The Daughters of Allamont Hall features the six unmarried daughters of Mr William Allamont of Allamont Hall. When their father dies unexpectedly, his will includes surprisingly generous dowries for the sisters, but only on condition that they marry in the proper order, the eldest first. A 6 book series. Find out more

The books are traditional, in the style of Georgette Heyer or Jane Austen – drawing room, rather than bedroom – set in England during the Regency period of the early nineteenth century.