About me:

You want to know something about me? Really? What can I tell you – I’m British, although I’ve lived and passed through many other parts of the world. Currently I live in the north of Scotland, living on haggis and whisky and raspberries, and enjoying the endless summer days when it never quite gets dark. The endless winter nights – not so much. I share my view of the Black Isle with my husband.

About my writing:

I write traditional Regency romances as Mary Kingswood. There’s no sex in these books, although some less savory aspects of Regency societies exist in the background.

I also write epic fantasy with a romantic twist as Pauline M Ross (WARNING: this means the books contain some sex and profanity). You can find out more about the Brightmoon world here.

I was a finalist in Amazon’s KDP Storyteller UK competition for 2021, which is a somewhat amazing honour. The book is Stranger at the Villa, and it was one of five books chosen. The winner (Rachel McLean – well done, Rachel!) was chosen by the judges (after reading all five books) on October 21st in London.

About my book reviews:

I read a lot of Regency romance and a little of other genres too. You can find all the books I’ve read and my reviews on Goodreads under my Pauline M Ross name here. I also post my Regency reviews here on this blog.

My archived reviews, including mystery and general fiction, plus some random essays, are at Pauline’s Fantasy Reviews.

Contact me:

Want to ask me a question, tell me what you think of the books, or make a suggestion? Or is there something wrong – in the books, or on the website? Let me know! You can email me at mary@marykingswood.co.uk.

Legal stuff:

If you email me, I’m liable to email you back (I love emails from readers!). If you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll get free novellas and occasional emails about new releases and special deals. No spam, I promise, and no one else gets your email address from me. You can unsubscribe at any time. I’m not a technical wizard, but as far as I know there are no cookies kept on this site, just the usual visitor statistics. The links to Amazon contain affiliate codes, which means if you click one and then buy a yacht or some toothpicks, I make some money.