Series: Sons of the Marquess

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Sons of the Marquess is a series of Regency romances, featuring the five unmarried brothers of the ninth Marquess of Carrbridge. With the family’s fortunes in disarray, the expensive lifestyle has to go, and each brother has to find a career or make a marriage of convenience to a wealthy heiress. But love has a strange way of appearing when it’s least expected…

The books are traditional, in the style of Georgette Heyer or Jane Austen – drawing room, rather than bedroom.

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Book 1: Lord Reginald Reggie isn’t suited to a career, so his sister-in-law finds him a wealthy heiress to support his indulgent lifestyle. But when he sets out to court her, he finds that his title and family connections aren’t nearly enough to entice the lady, and he has to become a little bit creative to attract her attention. When a rival for her hand appears, he must decide whether to set aside his principles and fight for her, or to put her happiness above the love growing in his own heart.

Book 2: Lord Humphrey  Lord Humphrey Marford has a way with cards, dice and gambling of all forms. He’d love to start his own gaming house, but that takes a lot of money, far more than he or his brothers can come up with. His only solution is to marry an heiress, and he can’t be too choosy. Miss Hortensia Blythe seems perfect – pretty, charming and very, very rich, she’s just home from India where her father made a fortune in the East India Company, and left her every penny of it. But even as he courts the ladylike but rather dull Miss Blythe, Humphrey is drawn to her companion, who isn’t nearly so ladylike and not in the least dull. Unfortunately, she isn’t rich, either. Whatever is he to do?

Book 3: Lord Augustus  Lord Augustus Marford has only one interest in life – horses. It’s an expensive hobby. When his brother, the Marquess of Carrbridge, finds himself in financial trouble after his agent disappears with much of his fortune, Gus is happy to help the family finances by finding work with horse auctioneers Tattersalls. His first job takes him to the wild Northumberland coast to assess some stud horses for the eccentric Duke of Dunmorton. But Gus’s hopes of a quiet trip are soon shattered as he is drawn into the Duke’s family problems, and finds himself in the unlikely role of matchmaker for his elderly host. And then there’s Amaryllis Walsh, the demure widow living quietly on the Duke’s estate. Gus is powerfully drawn to her, but her history is mysterious – who is she really? Are there dark secrets in her past? And even if he can answer those questions, he daren’t risk falling in love, when he can’t afford to marry.

Book 4: Lord Montague Lord Montague Marford is looking forward to a quiet life as clergyman of a rural parish where he can hope to do some good. But sometimes his compassionate nature gets him into trouble, and when a bedraggled young woman turns up on the doorstep to call in a long-forgotten debt, Monty’s sense of honour compels him to offer to marry her. But he soon begins to wonder if he’s made a huge mistake. Miss Melissa Frost is very grateful, and thrilled to find herself surrounded by luxury. It’s just like a fairy tale, and although Monty is an unlikely prince, she’d love to be his princess and make him happy. But she daren’t tell him the truth — that she’s run away from home and her guardian wants her back. She has to keep Monty at arm’s length until she comes of age, or she could lose him altogether.

Book 5: Lord Gilbert Lord Gilbert Marford is in disgrace. He joined the Hussars to stay out of trouble. Instead, he quarrelled with half his fellow officers, seduced the wives of three of them, got himself shot in a duel and sustained an injury that might end his career. Now he’s being sent home like a naughty schoolboy, and he’s not happy about it. So when an opportunity arises to run away, he’s not about to let a little snow stop him.
Miss Genista Hamilton accepts her place as the youngest daughter of the family, staying at home to look after her father and help with his work as a country physician. She knows she’ll never marry, and has never even thought of love. Until the day a young man with the face of an angel appears, unconscious, on her doorstep in the middle of a snowstorm. But how can the lowly daughter of a physician ever aspire to marry the son of a marquess? It can only lead to trouble…