Series: The Mercer’s House

A 6-book series following the fortunes of the Fletcher family, grown vastly wealthy in the north of England and now seeking to move up in the world by becoming landed gentry. Their goal is to marry the beauty of the family into the nobility, but they find it isn’t quite as simple as they’d hoped to leave behind their roots in trade. Their new home is Chadwell Park, in Hertfordshire. The Mercer’s House.

All books are available now. The prequel and sequel are available FREE in ebook form, or may be purchased from Amazon in paperback.

  • Book 0: The Mercer: the rich merchant and the poor widow. (a novella, free to mailing list subscribers).
  • Book 1: A Winter Chase: the wild daughter and the reluctant clergyman.
  • Book 2: A Spring Dance: the flirtatious son and the prim paid companion.
  • Book 3: A Summer Game: the mischievous daughter and the strait-laced gentleman.
  • Book 4: A Michaelmas Truce: the cross spinster and the even crosser bachelor.
  • Book 5: An Autumn Courtship: the intellectual son and the flighty socialite.
  • Book 6: A Christmas Betrothal: the beautiful daughter, the unhappy son and the lost lover.
  • Book 7: The Gentleman Farmer: the rejected suitor and the force of nature.  (a sequel, free to all readers: click here to find out more)