Series: Strangers

A 6-book series, featuring a stranger arriving, a mystery to uncover and a lovely romance in every book. Sign up to my mailing list to receive the FREE prequel novella. Click the covers to find out more about each book (I earn commission from these links).

All 6 books are now available to buy or borrow.

About the Strangers series: There’s a famous saying attributed to John Gardner that authors like to quote: that there are only two plots – a stranger arrives in town, or a person goes on a journey. Most of my books have been based on the latter, in its loosest sense (sometimes a journey of discovery, rather than a literal journey, but a major change, of death or misfortune or even good fortune which propels the main character in a new direction). So I wondered what the other side of the coin would look like – a stranger arriving in town. And there was my series title – Strangers.

  • Book 0: Stranger at the Parsonage: a new parson arrives at the village of Great Maeswood, and tragedy strikes the baron’s family. (a novella, free to mailing list subscribers).
  • Book 1: Stranger at the Dower House: a widow moves into the long disused Dower House and makes a horrible discovery in the wine cellar.
  • Book 2: Stranger at the Grove: an estranged brother is forced to return to his home and face up to his past.
  • Book 3: Stranger at the Villa: a new physician arrives in the village, but is he all he seems?
  • Book 4: Stranger at the Manor: a destitute man comes looking for help from his cousin, and uncovers some mysterious goings-on.
  • Book 5: Stranger at the Cottage: an out-of-work governess tries to start a school in the village.
  • Book 6: Stranger at the Hall: the newly discovered heir to the barony arrives to claim his inheritance.