Series: The Chaplain’s Legacy

One man with a secret. A family torn apart by the consequences.

When the Earl of Rennington’s chaplain is brutally murdered, a terrible secret is revealed, and no one in the earl’s family will remain unscathed.

Book 1 is now available and book 2 may be pre-ordered from Amazon.

  • Book 0: The Chaplain: a man adrift, dreaming of a home (a novella, free to mailing list subscribers).
  • Book 1: Disinheritance: a man freed, looking for a new purpose in life
  • Book 2: Determination: a man pursued, attempting to outwit his adversary
  • Book 3: Anger: a woman alone, trying to choose a different path in life
  • Book 4: Secrecy: a woman neglected, scheming to secure her own happiness
  • Book 5: Loyalty: a man of dreams, torn between the past and the future
  • Book 6: Ambition: a woman thwarted, set on making a brilliant debut in society