After the Sons of the Marquess Collection: what to read next

Have you just finished reading the Sons of the Marquess Collection? I hope you enjoyed the stories of Reggie, Humphrey and Gus, and how they found love. But there are two more brothers still to find happiness. Click the links to go to your local Amazon to buy, or to borrow for FREE with your subscription to Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime. And did you know there’s a prequel to the series? The Earl of Deveron is a novella, FREE to all mailing list subscribers. Click here to sign up.

  • 4: Lord Montague Monty is the soft-hearted fourth son, always ready to help a lady in distress, but will he regret offering a helping hand to fiery Melissa? Find out more.
  • 5: Lord Gilbert The dramatic finale to the series, revealing just what happened to Mr Sharp, and how wild youngest son Gil learns about love from the most unlikely lady imaginable. Find out more.

And there’s more to read after that – in the Sisters of Woodside Mysteries, the unmarried daughters of Mr Edmund Winterton are left destitute after his death, and forced to find genteel employment as a governess, a chaperon, a companion and a seamstress. The eldest daughter’s story is a FREE prequel, exclusive to mailing list subscribers.