The Gentleman Farmer

The story continues… with book 7…

The Fletcher family have finally adjusted to their new status and found happiness, but if you’ve read the whole series, you’ll be aware that there are one or two unanswered questions still to be resolved. I don’t like unanswered questions any more than you do, so I set about writing a sequel to the Mercer’s House series to tie up those loose ends.

You can read it straight away, in a FREE sequel to the series called The Gentleman Farmer.  I set out to write a novella, but the story grew in the telling, so it became novel length, although a little shorter than my usual books. The ebook will remain free to all readers without any need to sign up to my mailing list, although I recommend you do that anyway to get all the other free books I offer (one for every series). For those of you who like a paperback to hold, you can purchase from Amazon: click here to buy.

Spoilers ahoy!

The Gentleman Farmer contains spoilers for book 6, so please don’t read it until you’ve finished A Christmas Betrothal.

Ready to read? Click here to download… and enjoy!

NOTE: to keep this special book completely secret before release, it’s not been reviewed by anyone except me, so if you find typos or other mistakes, I’ll be very grateful if you let me know. You can email me at Thank you!