Birthday Regencies

Posted December 4, 2016 by Mary Kingswood in Birthday Regencies / 0 Comments

[December 2016] I recently had a birthday, and my kind relatives treated me to Amazon gift cards. Naturally, I rushed to the Amazon Kindle store to buy as many books as I could with their largesse. Since I’m rereading Georgette Heyer at the moment, I thought it would be an interesting contrast to try something more recent for comparison. My tastes just now running to traditional rather than bodice-ripper, I searched particularly for that style, although it was difficult to find them – they tend to be well-buried amongst all those covers with flowing skirts and off-the-shoulder numbers. But here’s what I came up with, in three categories (prices in £ alongside):

1) Older books (pre-2001):

2) More recent (2001-2012):

  • The Silent Governess: Julie Klassen 3.69 2010 3*
  • The Kiss Of A Stranger: Sarah M Eden 1.09 2011 [Not read yet]
  • Edenbrooke: Julianne Donaldson 8.59 2012 4*

3) The latest thing – the three bestsellers in the US on the day I looked:

My reviews are my own very opinionated opinion, but it’s clear that my tastes align better with older Regencies than with more recent books.